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Anthropologist Community

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Anthropologist's Community
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Discussion of Anthropological news, events, research and talk.
Anthropology is the scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans. Here is a place where Anthropological news, events, and talk can be exchanged.

This community was created by gwinna and is maintained by gwinna and malkin767.

When you post, please remember to include a descriptive subject and make sure to take advantage of the tags feature. This will allow people searching for previous posts or looking for information on specific topics to more easily locate the relevant posts.

Tag Guidelines:
No more than six tags per post. Short single-word phrases are best. You should be able to put the tag in the sentence "I like ________". When referring to nouns, use the plural form for consistency, example: "I like Apes" instead of "I like Ape". More good examples: reading, teaching, computers, careers, anthropology, papua new guinea, radiocarbon dating.

If your post is long (if we have to scroll to read it all, it's long) make sure to use a lj-cut. Please place large images, not safe for work images, and all videos, under an lj-cut with a warning. Similarly, please do not use icons that are not safe for work. Your post may be deleted without warning if inappropriate icons, images or content without an lj cut are used. If you're not sure that your post is completely on-topic, please use an lj-cut.

Flaming will not be accepted in this community. This is a place meant to encourage intelligent discourse. Use common sense when discussing issues with other members. You may be banned without warning should either moderator find that your behavior is unacceptable.

You can read about our spam and troll policy here.

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