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research paper

Hi. I'm writing a research paper on Tibet and destruction of religion as a means of social control. Does anyone know any good articles that might help? Specifically, on religious sites and figures being, literally or figuratively, raped? Thank you so much in advance.

Disgust Sensitivity Survey

 Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin are conducting an online survey to understand why people differ in their levels of disgust sensitivity. This survey takes about 15 minutes in total, and the study would benefit from your participation.

You must be 18+ years old and fluent in English to take this survey. These are the only requirements for participation. If you are interested in taking this survey, or learning some more about it, please click on this link:

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Laith Al-Shawaf and David M.G. Lewis

Islam in the Balkans?

Hey everyone,
I'm a senior in a 400 level Anth course discussing Islam in the Balkans. Now, while my concentration is anthropology, I admittedly know basically nothing about Islam, OR the Balkans. We're due to have paper topics ready here in a few days and while I've been trying desperately to find paper topics, the area is so understudied that I'm having trouble coming up with things. I can find things relating to Islam, and the Balkans, but not particularly the two combined.

Any suggestions from people more knowledgeable?

Book Request

A friend of mine is writing a book set in the 1900 - 1914 time period and is looking for any books or resources that talk about the day to day social etiquette of the emerging working middle-class. She's looking for information on the language and slang they would use as well. Any book recommendations would be greatly recieved.

Edit: Oops, forgot to say where - London, England.

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Anthropology of Religion

 Hey folks, I am a 3rd year undergraduate in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, and this is my first post on the anthropologist journal. I lurk, though.

Our lecturer on Ritual and Religion told us that we would be studying religion as if it was something that happened to other people. In other words, we would be asking the question: What is it that makes these particular people believe this particular false thing? As a non-religious person, I find this very easy, though I think it must be hard to do so if you hold certain religious beliefs about the nature and teleology of the universe and of man.

Do you guys think it is necessary to study the anthropology of religion "from the outside"? Do you think it is possible be religious and still to study what religion does to people? Are any of you anthropologists with religious beliefs?

Just really interested to know. Most anthropologists I have come across, certainly recently, have been secular and not at all religious, or if they are they separate it from their anthropology. I just think it raises some interesting questions about anthropological detachment vs. personal involvement a la Clifford Geertz and those like him.

Discuss. :)

Research advice

Hello! In a couple of days/a week, I will be starting research in a professor's bone lab. I've never done physical anthropology research, so do any of you experienced anthropologists have any advice for me? I think we will eventually be extracting an antibiotic from ancient bone, if that helps (ha).

Thank you!


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Метою створення ЦКД є: регіональні дослідження соціокультурних змін (філософських, культурних, соціальних, релігійних, історичних, економічних, політичних), їх впливу й ролі в розбудові новітнього українського суспільства та формуванні громадської думки.

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§         ініціювання та організація наукових конференцій, семінарів, лекцій, круглих столів тощо;

§         організація польових досліджень із вивчення життя Південного регіону України, культурного феномену провінції, відмінностей сільського та міського способів існування на місцевому, районному, обласному та регіональному рівнях;

Закликаємо до співпраці філософів, культурологів, соціологів, релігієзнавців, політологів, істориків, етнографів, етнологів, антропологів, археологів, юристів, українознавців, народознавців, економістів, менеджерів та всіх зацікавлених у вивченні регіональної соціокультурної динаміки.

Пропонуємо виконання проектів на замовлення спонсорів та грантодавців, фізичних та юридичних осіб, державних і громадських організацій та установ, видавництв та ЗМІ.


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