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Anthropologist Community
Bronze vs. iron? 
26th-Sep-2006 08:36 pm
Hello there!

I've been lurking around this community for ages... Now I thought that maybe you could help me with one thing. I've been trying to figure out just how much better/worse iron weapons are against bronze weapons. Googling hasn't been of much help... In general people seem to think that iron weapons beat bronze ones hands down, but I guess it's not that simple. I've a feeling that the most important thing about iron was its availability... but I don't know anything.

So... if we have an army with bronze weapons and an army with iron weapons (or then just a man to man fight) just how big effect would the weaponry have on the outcome?

Thanks for any input. ^^ And if you have any books to recommend, that's great too. (Just doing a bit of background research for one fantasy plot bunny that apparently isn't going to leave me in peace, if you're wondering...)
19th-Oct-2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
UK professor and bronze age historian Neil Burridge (www.bronze-age-craft.com (http://www.bronze-age-craft.com)) helped conduct an experiment using one of his traditionally constructed bronze swords against a copy of an early iron-age sword. BOTH weapons sustained significant damage when struck against each other! The iron sword was pretty much equal to the bronze blade. It wasn't until steel-making was discovered that iron-based weapons became technologically superior to bronze. However, iron ore is far more plentiful than either copper or tin, and copper and tin deposits are seldom found close together, and that created a logistics problem. THAT is the main reason why bronze finally gave way to iron for weapons.
10th-Oct-2013 07:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Experiment trumps theory every time.
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