December 21st, 2009


paleo without fieldwork?

hi all. i'm about to complete my bachelor's degree (united states, ohio) and am strongly considering applying to the master's program in anthropology at kent state university. not only would i (theoretically) have access to dr. owen lovejoy, i'd also have access to a treasure trove of old bones. *cue glint in eye* i'm a paleo person all the way and kent state, from everything i understand, has one of the best bio/paleo programs in the world. if anyone cares to correct me on that, please enlighten me.

here's my problem. fieldwork seems to be sort of a given in the field. however, i'm not actually sure i want to do fieldwork, at least not long-term. i realize i'll probably have to do at least some for the degree. that said, is there a place in anthropology for people who just want to work in the lab? or am i terribly naive? thanks.

Rejection after UCL interview...

I felt a bit gutted when I first found out, but now I'm kind of over it, as realistically I'd rather focus on Social Anthropology, offered to me already by Goldsmiths and Kent, and awaiting pending decisions from LSE and Edinburgh.

I asked for feedback... And have from it come to the conclusion the college had already made up their decision prior to my interview, and it was more a formality to not un-invite me. Though I met the grade requirements of ABBB already at A level, and have a strong personal statement, apparently competition this year is far greater than last year and as a result the grade profile is being raised to at least AABB, with offers going to mainly those with 3 As. I felt really unchallenged in the interview, and didn't get the grilling I'd heard of successful interviewee applicants receiving prior to their offers. I didn't get caught out or give any grounds to NOT receive an offer, but at the same time I wasn't given an opportunity to show off my research, experience, existing knowledge etc. I'm very disappointed.

I had extenuating circumstances (hospitalization during AS) and a doctors note to confirm this which were sent even with my application. This didn't help it.

Oh well, I doubt I'll get an offer from LSE or Edinburgh but I shan't feel hostile towards either, as neither will have wasted my time and parent's money traveling to a non-event hehe. I can hope anyway.

I think I'll end up at Goldsmiths next year, can't wait to study Anthropology!