December 13th, 2009

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HUGO study reveals India as the source of Asian genetic diversity, Aryan invasion theory falls flat

A study done by a consortium of geneticists from 10 Asian countries shows that Indian genetic diversity is the basis of other population in Asia. It says that over 50,000 years ago there was a first single stream entry of humans into India from Africa. From India the human population settled in South-East Asia and from there some of then moved to east and central Asia.

The study tends to refute the age old belief that Aryans as a distinct race who migrated from Central Asia and settled in the plains of north India. If we are believe the origin of humankind in Africa and the first outward stream of humans settling in India and thereafter spreading to other parts of Asia, including Central Asia, then they are same people who might have probably come back and resettled in India from Central Asia However, HUGO has planned to undertake further studies including Central Asia and the Polynesian Islands.

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Hi! My name is Macy and I'm a junior in high school. I love the TV show BONES so I decided to actually look into anthropology. You know, just for fun. I discovered that I no longer wanted to study sociology when I got into college, but I want to study anthropology. My questions are:
1) What kind of anthropologist is most easily employed? (i.e. forensic, cultural etc)
2) The school that I want to go to is Utah State university. I can get up to a masters degree in anthropology there. Will a masters do me any good? or would I need to get a PhD to be credible?
3) Are there any common high school classes that would help prepare me for an anthropology major at a university?

Those are my lovely questions. I hope that no one thinks that I'm just some dumb kid that thinks life is like a TV show. That show just made me curious. haha : )