December 8th, 2009


Grad School

Hello all,

I'm graduating with a BA in Anthropology next Fall and currently I'm looking to find a graduate school with a good medical anthropology program. My main interest in the field is pre- and post-natal care available to women and infants from different cultural backgrounds. My gpa is currently just over 3.0, I'm not graduating with distinction, and I'm certified in human subject research.

Could any of you recommend a few schools that I might be able to apply to?

Thank you for your help! :)
  • gwinna

Possible Caves of Shangri-La Found

Climber Renan Ozturk watches a local Tibetan look at an illuminated manuscript found during an August 2008 expedition to remote Himalayan caves in the ancient kingdom of Mustang, today part of Nepal. The folio is part of a treasure trove of 15th-century Tibetan art and manuscripts that could be linked to the real-world inspiration for Shangri-La, a fictional paradise described by British writer James Hilton in his popular 1930s novel Lost Horizon.

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