October 29th, 2009


Your not so important ability/skill?

Just doing this for fun.

Dear fellow human, I'm just curious to know:
What kind of ability do you have, that you think is not really important? or maybe useless?
but it differs you from the others.

for example i can know if there's a television that's turned on. there's a slight buzzing in my head when i got near television. i don't think this is special, and i think everyone can hear it, but people just don't pay attention to it (i asked my family and they can't hear it). one of my friend can hear it though.

another example: my mom can juggle things. and one of my friend in my junior high school has this specific luck: when she didn't bring her textbook, the teacher won't use the textbook0_0

i don't really know what I'm talking about here, so anyway, please tell me bout yours:)

edit: thanks for all you guys who comments.
aren't we human interesting:D