September 6th, 2009

Professional antiquated Misnomers?

Hi, I have been a long reading member of this community, sort of a guy fascinated with everything and I haven't posted before. I am just wondering if a new pet peeve of mine happens to be normal in other occupations as well. I think it could be a anthropological/ historian type question.
I am a carpenter, and when I say that I mean I can do anything and everything with wood. However, when I am looking for jobs a large amount of the time jobs advertised are actually calling for Industrial workers who mainly just work with concrete, steel, and prefabricated wood (if that) and labeling them as carpenters, advertising for "carpenters".

Case in point, I went to the local Carpenter's Hall Union, (which has display cases with hand planers and other old carpenter implements in them) and asked if they had any classes in for example, advanced cabinetry. The man in the window laughed at me and said gruffly, "We don't do any "artwork" here. We have classes but they all deal with building with metal studs."

When I tell this to any of the "real" "carpenters" I know, first they say "What?!" and then they say, "Really that should be called the Industrial Worker's Union, they don't do any carpentry at all."

Are there any other professions which label themselves as something they are not?