August 27th, 2009

  • dvt24

Contemplations on the Major ...


I have recently discovered this community and after reading some of the post, I think that you can be very helpful in my search of the right major.

I am currently a Sophomore, who is few steps away from the declaration of his major.

Since I have a strong interest in History, Philosophy, Religion, Languages and Literature, I came to a conclusion that the most appropriate field to pursue is Cultural Anthropology, which in my present understanding encompasses all of these fields.

In addition to this, I am a native speaker of Bulgarian and Russian and I am moving towards advance levels in Arabic and French and I hope that my language skills will be a useful tool in my Anthropology career.

So here is the question. If I have very broad interests that I want to pursue, should I be concerned about majoring only in Anthropology?
Or should I double major with possible minor, in order to include more of my  interests?

The last question leads me to a new dilemma. Since, I am most likely to pursue a PhD degree and to choose a career in academia, for my successful acceptance to the best anthropology programs, should I try to get the best grades and GRE without overloading myself or should I attempt to take as many diverse classes as it is possible, in order to build a solid and broad fundament of knowledge, before the grad school specialization?

Thank you everyone for your help