August 21st, 2009


This May Be Old News:

...but, I couldn't not post when I read it.

Have you read this?

Am I the only one who was more than a little shocked?

The best comment to the article though was this from Jeffery Weatherford:

Headline, Oxford Alabama, August 5, 2059: Controversial Old Sam’s Club Building Demolished

Considered an old city eyesore, demolition crews finally removed the old Sam’s Club Building within the city. City leaders welcomed the building’s removal as well as members from the chamber of commerce who stated that the unsightly and crumbling 50 year old utility building actually sat on the site were an historic Native American Indian mound was once located. Many of Oxford’s community leaders and residents expressed sadness when they learned that Leon Smith, mayor at the time when the building was erected, was responsible for destroying one of our community’s historic treasures which was estimated to be over 1500 years old…
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