August 6th, 2009


Global Vampire Community Discussion Transcript - August 2, 2009

These transcripts may be of interest to those studying anthropology, sociology, psychology, etc.  Identity in the context of modernity and technology of self along with discussions on paraphilias, revisions for the DSM-V, and social group dynamics are explored in the August 2, 2009 discussion.

Voices of the Vampire Community
Global Vampire Community Discussion - August 2, 2009
171 Attendees - 80 Page Transcript

Discussion Topics:

a. Discrimination: Have you or your friends and family been discriminated against or threatened because of your vampirism? If so, how have you coped and what advice would you give to others in similar situations? If not, what precautions do you take in your community involvement to prevent facing legal, professional, financial, or personal repercussions in your life?

b. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic you’d like to bring up for discussion is welcome.

- Donors
- Vampires In The Military
- Philosophical Discussion On Vampirism

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Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)