August 3rd, 2009


Tell me a joke? (and from which country you are)

Hi, dear friends. First post here. Nice to meet you all.

So, its been on my mind for a while:

I want to know a nation's culture through its joke/ funny story.

I want to know, to which country i can understand and laugh at its jokes. So, please tell me some. And it will be great if you can comment on other's post which joke you can relate to. Maybe countries with the same humor sense have the same way of thinking?
Ow, and, I do this just for fun, not any serious research or something.

Anyway, I'll go first:
I'm from Indonesia. Here's a story that made most of the Indonesian people I meet smile/laugh (only3-4, but still...)

I was taking this bus to get home, and the bus had no Air Conditioner, and the weather was just so hot, the sun was shining brightly and the bus was still waiting for passengers (in indonesia there's no bus schedule. the bus will wait until all the seats are full before they go). Finally, the driver got onto the bus. But he still won't move the bus. So one of the passenger yelled "Let's go, driver, we're already well-done(well-cooked) here"

...Is that funny? I guess you gotta experience the bus itself to make it funny?