July 16th, 2009

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Second Symposium on Astrosociology


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Of particular note is that the Medical Astrosociology section is in real need of papers, if there is even the slightest chance you might be interested, please contact me. I found out less than a week ago that I'm to chair it, if there are papers. Of course they tell me this right before the initial deadline so I didn't get a chance to do any publicity since I wasn't originally planning on attending the conference.

If you know of any students that are currently working in any area that combines social sciences and outer space that might want to present some work (either a paper or presentation), have them send in an abstract. I think there is the option of a poster as well. Feel free to pass this on to any other person or other faculty that might be interested. And yes, we accept things that are "weird" so try us.

Here are some important things to note.

There will be student rates, but any interested student would have to confirm with the head of the conference on what those rates are. There is also a coattending student discount that is even cheaper, but their professor has to be at the conference as well.
Also the $50 reading fee that the head of the conference is trying to charge for papers only is going to be waived for most people so try to not worry about that.

I just uploaded the pdf to my website so you can view everything if you want to... Astrosociology sessions. If you are submitting a paper, abstract, or title to any of these sessions I would really appreciate being CCed. I can also help you decide where your paper goes if you are unsure. You can use my gmail address : melsmarsh AT gmail

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