February 7th, 2009

two heads

Ethnobotany in Appalachia?

I am taking Environmental Anthropology for my senior seminar this quarter. I wanted to write my final 20 page research paper on ethnobotany in Appalachia. I have always been interested in the region but know little about it. I am having difficulty locating any good sources on the subject. Currently, all I've got are the Foxfire books, and one or two promising journal articles. Can anyone point me in the direction of some ethnographies dealing with this topic or any other useful sources? I really need some more academic/scholarly resources (at least 7 are required) as opposed to popular/mainstream ones (which I think I have covered with the Foxfire books). Thanks.

EDIT: In case I can't find sufficient resources for this topic and need to change it I welcome any other ideas concerning ethnobotany as this is really what I want to write about and research. I have previously written research papers for Anthropology courses about Ayahuasca but was hoping to do something a little different this time.