January 21st, 2009


Summer Internships

Hey Anthropologists,

I'm a third-year undergraduate anthro major looking for internships for this summer. Oh, you say, that should be easy! There are lots of cultural institutions that would love to hire you! Wrong. I know I'm not the only anthropology major who has ever wanted to spend the summer doing anthropology and I know there are opportunities out there, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding them.

Any advice? Has someone pointed you to a great site for finding internships in cultural anthropology? Have you completed an anthropology-related job or internship in the past that you would recommend? I'm especially interested in China, but I'm looking for something in the United States and I'd be open to anything that would give me experience doing cultural anthropology in the real world.

(The American Anthropological Association, Google, and my college's Anthro Department web page have been minimally helpful.)