January 18th, 2009

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Grad School

Hello! Long time watcher and first time poster, here.
It's the time when I really have to start really considering grad school options, and I was really hoping for some advice.
I'm a history major, emphasis Europe. My university only just got an anthropology minor as I am leaving. Unfortunately my next few semesters are completely full finishing requirements for my major and minors. All I have taken specifically in anthropology is one introductory course. Furthermore I have become more and more certain that I want music to be a large part of my future career, pointing me toward ethnomusicology specifically, but again my university only offers a minor in music, which I have managed to acquire, but it only necessitates one theory class. Additionally I have taken a class on opera and am takina music history class next semester.
I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any programs I might be able to get into, or perhaps some specific classes I really need to take if I want to get into a program that covers my interests.
Perhaps someone could give me some recommendations on good books on ethnomusicology as well.
Any advice I could get would be very much appreciated!