PlanetsAlign (planetsalign) wrote in anthropologist,

A Little Help if you please

So I've been on this kick lately.

I also am getting quite heavy into the whole mask and masquerade thing. Cannot remember the name of that one movie with all the people fucking with the masks in it, but that comes to mind. I've happened to find a site that has a ton of porn with masked folks on it. But I have to wonder what is the meaning to the mask, what does each mean, obviously there are masks which mean nothing and are simply worn to conceal identity, at times they are worn to conceal both identity and emotion, while at others the mask seemingly is a purposeful representation of social status and position of power, importance or used to demonstrate a level of submission or domination, perhaps the colors and designs are even made to show and display a message or a specialty.

Any thoughts, advice, or knowledge on these would be great. Better yet, what, where, and when are events and occurrences that take place have to do with the wearing of these sorts of masks outside of the obvious Halloween and certain national holidays found around the world, I expect everyone to comment on this, especially if you live somewhere which the mask is used quite often, or if you have a lot of knowledge or experience with such things.
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