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Grimm Story

MA Programs

I'm interested in biological anthropology/medical anthropology, however almost every anthropology student (I'm an Anthropology major/Human Geography minor) I've met is interested in archaeology.  They've advised me that regardless of the type of sub-specialization I am aiming for, I need a field school on my transcript/resume to be considered competitive. This being the last summer before I'm in fourth year, and therefore graduating and applying for grad school, I'm wondering if I should scrap summer employment and vacation plans in favour of going to a field school?

A little background, I volunteer at my schools archaeology lab doing collections and cataloguing, I also volunteer in the schools paleontology lab working with preparation of dinosaur fossils/remains, volunteer on the Anthro. department's journal, and volunteer at the regional art gallery, and spent the past two summers working at an agency getting cultural anthro. experience by working with refugees.  I have approximately a 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale. 

So is field school necessary? Is there anything that could be recommended to me that would make me a more competitive applicant? (I've also been told that interning with a registered archaeologist would be beneficial). 
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