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The phenomena of narcissism

It's gonna be Christmas soon, and for Indonesian (especially those who live in the city), it means a chance to take a photo in the mall with some dancing teddy bears.

Yesterday I accompanied my friends who were taking photos in the mall. It was excruciating. We spent three hours taking photographs. In all kind of background (There was a Christmas event going on, so there were many cute teddy bears, snow, Christmas trees, etc). It felt neverending.

And in the end, the photographs will be uploaded to Facebook, a DIY shrine of yourself.

I think it began since the mobile phone started attaching camera to it, and sites like Friendster and Facebook speed up this trend

When I asked my friends why they like to be photographed, they answered, "just because i like it", "because I'm pretty" and some other illegible answers.

So my questions are:
1)What does this indicate?
2)Is it happening in other country?
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