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Hi! My name is Macy and I'm a junior in high school. I love the TV show BONES so I decided to actually look into anthropology. You know, just for fun. I discovered that I no longer wanted to study sociology when I got into college, but I want to study anthropology. My questions are:
1) What kind of anthropologist is most easily employed? (i.e. forensic, cultural etc)
2) The school that I want to go to is Utah State university. I can get up to a masters degree in anthropology there. Will a masters do me any good? or would I need to get a PhD to be credible?
3) Are there any common high school classes that would help prepare me for an anthropology major at a university?

Those are my lovely questions. I hope that no one thinks that I'm just some dumb kid that thinks life is like a TV show. That show just made me curious. haha : )
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