x (nrrrd_grrrl) wrote in anthropologist,

Looking for some good anthro articles.

Hello all!

I'm a first year college student (undecided major, though I'm really leaning towards Anthropology being my major with a minor in International Studies) and I'm in need of a bit of help.

Right now I'm taking an intro to Anthropology class which I'm very much enjoying. For class, I need to find an interesting article to write a paper on.

We watched Jane Goodall's documentary on her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania. Before I took this class, I knew Jane Goodall as "that one lady who worked with the monkeys" and nothing more. But I found her work to be truly fascinating, I had no idea chimpanzees were so similar to humans.

Does anyone off hand know of any good, lengthy articles about work with chimps or other primates and their similarities with human beings? I think that's what I want to write about. As of right now, I'm not finding anything.

Any help is appreciated! :)
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