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26th-Jan-2006 08:01 pm(no subject)
Anime Bloody Gash
I wanted some websites that provide diagrams of the skeletal systems of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and/or fish so i can practice an anatomy test for next week. Its for my zooarch class so it can't be "this is a thigh, this is a neck" and I'm terrible at surfing the internet for useful resources. It has to have the bone names, not farming/vet slang terms like "coffin joint" (aparently its part of a cow foot? i can't write that on a test)

i lost a couple of my handouts and my text book provides insight into the analysis of zooarchaeological material, but minimal diagrams of actually animals, which is why i need some help!

I'm not asking for anyone to wrack their brains trying to find something, but if anyone knows offhand from their bookmarks a website that could be useful for me, It would definately be appreciated!


p.s. crossposted a bit
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