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18th-Nov-2007 11:03 pm - acculturation v. transculturation
I was helping a friend with a globalization class in her university, and she asked me for the difference between acculturation and transculturation.

I have seen a couple of definitions, but (like many anthropological terms) they are not very clear, and overlap.

So from what I gather, acculturation is traditionally defined as the process by which a culture transmits its values to another minority culture. Or the minority culture picks and chooses things like technology. But it is in general seen as a group level transmission.

Transculturation is defined as acculturation on an individual scale, with varying degrees like assimilation, rejection, favoring one over the other, etc. But I have also seen it defined as a mixing of cultures, such that there is no dominance of one or the other, and no perceived minority. In this case it is difficult to ascertain the different parts of the original (pre-merge) culture in the post-merge state.

I have no Intro to Anthro books lying around to give a watered down definition. What are the differences? Could you point me to examples?
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