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For a country of about 50 million people, there are a lot of protests in South Korea. With a national average of 11,000 public protests a year, the average South Korean riot policeman is mobilized to contain 85 demonstrations a year.

Following this link will bring you to pictures including:

Prostitute Protesters
Protesters that drop their pants
Pig Destroyers
Shit throwers
Protesters who eat flags
Guys that stab themselves
Protesters covered in bees
Quran burners
Flame Throwers
Guys who dress like Japanese soldiers and get beaten up
Piss Pants
Dummy beheaders
Do not hug or kiss in public - even when meeting at stations and airports - and do not smoke or consume alcohol publicly either.

These are some of the guidelines being given to tourists visiting a popular part of India's north-western Rajasthan state to ensure they can respect local culture.

The guidelines come after a number of unfortunate cultural faux pas, including an Israeli couple kissing at their Hindu wedding ceremony and a Finnish woman walking naked down the streets of Pushkar.

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