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Children who look and smell like their father receive more of their support, compared to kids who resemble dad less.

The study of 30 Senegalese families has provided the first direct link between a father's investment in his children and his physical resemblance to them, though other work has hinted at this connection.

For instance, a study conducted at London's Heathrow Airport found that fathers invested extra time and money in children who looked and behaved like them, compared with dads who said their kid's looks and personalities differed from their own.

Such uncharitable behaviour may seem shocking, but evolutionary theory predicts it. Without a DNA test and an appearance on the Jerry Springer Show, a father can never be absolutely certain that a child is his own.

Therefore, it makes evolutionary sense to divvy out limited resources – be they time, food or money – to children more likely to be legitimate.

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Roxanne Khamsi, news service 10 May 2006

Women may be able to tell whether a man is child-friendly simply by looking at his face – and this could influence how attractive they find him as a potential long-term partner. But for a spring fling or a summer love, women seek men with high levels of testosterone who don’t care much for children.

James Roney at the University of California, Santa Barbara, US, and his colleagues asked 39 undergraduate men to look at pairs of pictures each consisting of a photo of an adult and a photo of an infant. The men were asked which photo they preferred. Researchers also took saliva samples from the male volunteers to determine their testosterone levels.

Each man was then asked to maintain a neutral expression while researchers photographed his face. Then, 29 female undergraduates rated the photographed male faces according to how much they believed the men liked children.

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12th-Apr-2006 10:25 am - Ugly people make bad parents: study
April 03, 2006


The next time you see a child wandering lost and alone in the grocery store, sneak a peek at the parents.

New research from the University of Alberta suggests there’s a good chance they’re ugly.

“Unattractive parents are less likely than attractive parents to supervise their children closely,” said Andrew Harrell.
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