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16th-Jan-2007 10:20 am - Bias and MSM
So, recently I've had discussions (or have been talked at) about media bias, specifically on CNN (CNNj) since that's the only televised global news I get. I don't really know much about bias in terms of mainstream media because I usually watch cartoons which are quite straightforward, but since I've been 'challenged' to spot media bias (for my own good) could anyone give me examples or pointers on what exactly media bias is.

Two point five examples I was given:

CNN once aired footage of Al Queda members gassing a puppy. No other news angency aired such footage. Bias against Al Queda and for healthy puppies? Okay, I can see that.

Mate and I were watching CNN, trying to find bias, and he commented that the voiceover introducing the US Army officer didn't have to tell us that he 'chooses his words carefully' on the matter of Somalia because we can interpret his mood through the video. I guess the bias there was against sending troops into Mogadishu? But even here, I'd call that dramatic, not bias. He WAS choosing his words carefully because he IS going to have to eat them if he chooses them haphazardly. So is dramatic language bias? Are adverbs a no-no in reporting?

The point five was his annoyance that CNN doesn't have any other non-American anchors other than those from South UK, ie Londoners, which to him seems like stereotyping (which is even MORE amusing because he HAS the London accent and graduated from Cambridge! but I digress...)

Thoughts on media bias?
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