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22nd-Feb-2006 09:39 am(no subject)
Storm reveals long-lost wall at Fortress Louisbourg

Archeologists at the Fortress of Louisbourg are scrambling after a recent storm surge washed away parts of the coastline, revealing a 250-year-old defence wall long thought destroyed.

Rebecca Duggan says the storm exposed 50 metres of the 18th-century French fortress on the eastern tip of Cape Breton Island.

By SUE LINDSEY, Associated Press Writer

In 1957, archaeologists determined that the remains of the historic fort at Jamestown no longer existed and had probably washed into the James River. But a young graduate student named William Kelso wasn't convinced.

Three decades after visiting the site of North America's first permanent English settlement, Kelso returned as an archaeologist and discovered evidence of the fort's remains. He and his team have gone on to discover hundreds of thousands of 17th century artifacts.

Today, as Virginia prepares to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the settlement, Kelso is chief archaeologist of the site and one of the experts consulted during the making of "The New World," the $30 million Hollywood epic starring Colin Farrell that opens nationwide Jan. 13.

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Archaeologists will start probing under the site of the destroyed replica of Fort Clatsop later this month to look for clues to where Lewis and Clark built the original fort 200 years ago.

Fire of undetermined origin burned most of the replica Oct. 3. Many historians believe it was built on or near the site of the original but several efforts to find the 1805-1806 site have been inconclusive.

The project will be led by Doug Wilson, the archaeologist at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Washington and will include five archaeologists from the National Park Service.

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