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8th-May-2008 03:52 pm - Ancient Apartheid in the UK?
Germanic invaders may not have ruled by apartheid

When a strong Germanic signal was discovered in the Y-chromosome of British men, geneticists at University College London suggested that enslavement and apartheid imposed by Saxon invaders was responsible. Read more...Collapse )
24th-Jan-2006 02:17 pm - Race against time
Sunday January 22, 2006, The Observer

For a growing number of Afrikaners, the new South Africa is an alien world of squatters' camps and begging bowls. Photojournalist Simon Wood meets the people who lost most when Mandela won.

It is a Thursday afternoon at a busy intersection in Johannesburg's Bryanston district. The traffic robot turns green and the white Mercs and BMWs, four-wheel-drives and the occasional pick-up truck, with a black family's whole world piled on to the tailgate, pull away from the lights. Not far off are the gleaming towers of Sandton, a symbol of South African prosperity and an area where great wealth can be glimpsed, albeit behind electric fences and razor wire. The majority of up-market cars are still driven by middle- and upper-income whites, but many belong to the growing class of wealthy blacks. In a country where carjacking and other violent crimes are an everyday fact of life, all have their windows closed and doors firmly locked. Alongside the cars weave the inevitable gaggle of roadside Africans selling a variety of useful and useless items, many of them dressed in no more than rags. This is the new South Africa that many now expect to find.

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Leon Marshall in Johannesburg for National Geographic News, October 19, 2005

Thirty-six years ago, South Africa's white-minority government forced a small community known as the Makuleke people from their land so that it could be included in Kruger National Park.

They resisted. But their houses were destroyed, and the Makuleke were put on trucks with their belongings and ordered to resettle an area 30 miles (50 kilometers) away.

In 1998, four years after the fall of apartheid in South Africa, the Makuleke won back their ancestral territory.

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