Tuulikki (tuuli_chan) wrote in anthropologist,

Bronze vs. iron?

Hello there!

I've been lurking around this community for ages... Now I thought that maybe you could help me with one thing. I've been trying to figure out just how much better/worse iron weapons are against bronze weapons. Googling hasn't been of much help... In general people seem to think that iron weapons beat bronze ones hands down, but I guess it's not that simple. I've a feeling that the most important thing about iron was its availability... but I don't know anything.

So... if we have an army with bronze weapons and an army with iron weapons (or then just a man to man fight) just how big effect would the weaponry have on the outcome?

Thanks for any input. ^^ And if you have any books to recommend, that's great too. (Just doing a bit of background research for one fantasy plot bunny that apparently isn't going to leave me in peace, if you're wondering...)
Tags: weapons
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