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29th-Jun-2012 10:57 pm - Curious...
I have another graduate school-related question for you folks if you don't mind feeding my neurotic curiosity. I have a master's degree in anthropology that I obtained in December 2010, and recently decided that I would like to pursue a PhD. Before I graduated, I was able to get a job at AT&T part-time to help pay for living expenses, though since graduation I haven't been able to find any work that is directly related to anthropology (besides that I get to research transactions and use interpersonal skills to deal with customers). I'm certain a lot of people applying to graduate school are having this same issue. Do you guys think that having this type of background will hurt my chances of being accepted? I'm curious because many people that have posted here about graduate applications haven't mentioned what they did post-graduation from their undergraduate degrees, and considering the economy, I'm sure this will be a more prevalent concern. Thanks!
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