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31st-Dec-2011 12:21 am
OK. I am starting to narrow down what it is that I would actually like to do once I graduate (I am currently a junior). I worked in my department's repository last quarter and this upcoming quarter I will be doing another internship doing lab analysis (archaeology) and briefly working in the school's ossuary. 

Now, I really like doing all of this. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what direction I should take. The woman that I've been interning for, who is a Phd candidate told me that I should probably be aiming for bioarchaeology--do you all agree as well? 

Please advise. And sorry for any spelling mistakes. It's late and I have a horrible headache, lol...
31st-Dec-2011 10:26 am (UTC)
What do you actually want to do?
1st-Jan-2012 12:13 am (UTC)
That's the problem, I'm not 100% sure. I do like working with artifacts though. Not sure where that will lead me? And I am an art history minor as well. From my point of view, it all seems rather materialistic. I seem to be more interested in the art work, tools, pots, jewelry, etc. of people than anything else. I have no idea what any of this means.
1st-Jan-2012 10:21 am (UTC)
If you're more interested in material culture than working with human remains, bioarchaeology is probably not the field for you.
1st-Jan-2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
I'm interested in both.
31st-Dec-2011 06:43 pm (UTC)
Get as wide a variety of experience as you can so you can figure out what you enjoy. A field school would complement your lab experience, and if you enjoy it, there is a lot of tech work out there.
1st-Jan-2012 12:13 am (UTC)
Interesting. A friend of mine told me there are tech jobs in SF and in parts of LA.
1st-Jan-2012 12:39 am (UTC)
If you like to travel, you can get work anywhere in the states as a tech. I've known people who lived out of their cars going from job to job getting paid while seeing the whole country.

Even if you end up not enjoying field work, it will help round you out as an archeologist and it will look good on a grad school application.
1st-Jan-2012 12:59 am (UTC)
How much would I get paid as being a tech? I'm probably going to teach in Korea after I graduate and come back later.
1st-Jan-2012 01:06 am (UTC)
Pay varies from job to job and especially by region. The jobs I see posted on Shoverlbums (the main source for tech jobs) varies from 11-20+ an hour. The rates in California tend to be in the upper end of that range, but it will still vary. I have a lot of experience and tend to make around 15 an hour here in Texas.

You are usually given a daily amount of cash to cover food and sometimes hotel, although a lot of companies pay for hotels directly. You can supplement your pay by being frugal with the expense money. I often save an extra 400+ a month, tax free by doing this. On some jobs it can be much more.

Heres a link to Shovelbums:
1st-Jan-2012 01:07 am (UTC)
Oh wow! Thanks a bunch! Do you know if I could possibly do this over the summer? Or do I need to already have my BA?
1st-Jan-2012 01:12 am (UTC)
Typically you need a BA, although sometimes they will hire a student who has done a field school. CRM (Cultural resource Management) companies want people who have at least a little field experience. Once you get a job or two under your belt it is easier to find work.

I started a Shovelbums community on LJ years ago to talk about this sort of thing, but no one posts there now, including me. LJ has seen better days.
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