Pancake (oceanhue) wrote in anthropologist,

All non-African people are part Neanderthal?

What do you think of this finding that ALL non-Africans are part Neanderthal? Read article here. 

Honestly, it sounds like a bunch of racist BS to me. I find it highly unlikely that every H. sapien on this planet is part Neanderthal minus Sub-Saharan Africans. Why? Because of the pure fact that there is no "pure" socially constructed race on this planet. I find it extremely hard to grasp that the most hated and discriminated group on this planet is excluded because apparently, Neanderthals migrated out of Africa--when it has always been my knowledge that they were European and Asian based. This article might as well say all Eastern Asian people are part H. Floresiensis.

I am quite supportive of the scientific community, but this article smells like fish and I'm not very accepting of new information until I know the full details--including the thoughts of the opposing enthusiastic. The idea that Neanderthals and H. sapiens probably mated together is plausible, but to exclude a group is rather offensive and illogical knowing the characteristics and human psychology that transforms us into mankind. Especially because of the wounds that still bleed in present day Africa from colonialism among other things; to suggest a race is "pure" reminds me of "Aryan" Germany. 
Adding on, I cannot find this article on a website that I trust. Thoughts?
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