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Native American's Impact on Modern US Culture

So many people from other countries often criticize that the United States has no roots or culture as a result of being a mesh of people from multiple other countries and cultures. Someone even said that we have no words that are only used in the United States. The person saying this was a Hispanic person from Mexico who mentioned that several places in Mexico have many words that came from Aztec or other Central American Native languages. She said that because the US had basically annihilated the Native Americans in North America, and/or forced them off the land, that there is no ability to claim that the culture was impacted by anything other then the mix of cultures from whence US citizens' multi-colored butts came.

I do know that there are a great many words are used that have Native American etymology, but I was hoping that someone who studied this area would have more scope on what other ways it can be said that Native American culture influenced modern US culture.

Thanks! ^^
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